Our Second Precious Miracle

Thursday, September 9, 2010

"Every good thing given and every perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father."
James 1:17

 Some of you know that Chris and I started trying for a second child beginning of this year.
A friend of mine who just recently got pregnant offered me her left over ovulation test. I said sure... after all she does not need it anymore. But just a day before she gave me, I told Chris it's been a while since my last period, maybe we should get a pregnancy test. Plus I've been feeling nausea lately. So we got the cheap $1 pregnancy tests at a Dollar Store (Chris bought 4 packs because he didn't expect I really am pregnant after all my period always comes late)

So I peed on it and ta da... 

We're absolutely thrilled and humbled when we found out that God has trusted us with another precious life. What a timing too. I told Chris, "God must not wants anything else to take the credit." To God alone be the glory.

We went to the doctor for our first check up and ultrasound. Max eyes were glued to the monitor as we told him, "Max, that's a baby."

The doctor told us that our baby is about 8 weeks old and about 2 cm in length or about the size of blueberry. So I decided to take the picture of my growing tummy with a blueberry, but upon seeing mommy holding one of his favorite fruits, Max immediately snapped it from my hand and eat it. O boy... I knew I got to use something else so I ended up using an uncooked pasta. :)

The pregnancy has made me feeling fatigue and nausea lately so it's been challenging to keep up with my regular activity and taking care of my ever active toddler but God is good. Each day he gives me the grace and strength that I need. Thank you Lord!

Thank you for sharing our joy. Please keep us in your prayers.


  1. Thanks for the post, Ki!!!! Yaaaaay, still rejoicing with you. Keeping you and new baby and the rest of the family in my prayers too.

    Ki, aku waktu yang kedua ini jg awal2nya lebih nausea + v fatigue (yang pertama dulu ga merasakan fatigue). But indeed, indeed, I agree, God's grace is anew every morning ya.

    God bless, enjoy your pregnancy, Kiki. *thrilled.

  2. Congratulations Kiki, Chris! We are happy for you and Max. Thank you for sharing the good news!

  3. congrats kiki!! i'm so happy for you guys!