Everyday Cuteness

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

"Mama looks, shoes!"

  "Whoa... good job, Max!" next time you'll learn to put on the shoes at the right feet ya.

"Mama looks!" he proudly bring his potty to me as soon as he's done doing business. I spare you the horror of seeing what's inside but in case you're wondering, you can click here.

Mama Eyes
My sunglasses was broken so I asked Chris to fix it with a little glue. While my handyman was working on fixing it, the little guy came and tried to get it from his hands.
Chris told him, "No Max, Papa needs to fix it."
Max looks at him then say, "Mama Eyes" *while pointing at me*. He knows it belongs to me so he wants to give it to me. :P

Wipe the floor
I put Max's glass on the bottom drawer that way he can pick up his own glass whenever he needs to drink. I let him pour the drink from the water bottle all by himself too. One day he poured too much and Chris who stand behind him told him, "It's okay Max, papa will clean it." but my little boy knows exactly what he needs to do. He put down his drink; pick up a rag and wipe the floor with it. :)

Papa shouted, "Okay Max, it's time to make juice!"
Upon hearing the word juice; Max ran to the kitchen.
However, papa was still sitting in front of the computer finishing something.
Max kept saying, "Papa juice...juice..."
Papa replied, "Wait Max wait...." but he cannot wait any longer. He climbed up the chair, moved on to the desk, then turned off the computer monitor. Papa can only shake his head saying, "Okay... okay... let's make juice."

 Max used to say "No" a lot just like other 2 years old but lately he has been saying, "Ya" whenever we asked him anything. It's like music to my ears because "Ya" means "Yes" in Indonesian.
For instance, when I asked him, "Is the food good?" He'll answer, "Ya!"
"Do you love mama? "Ya!"
"Would you like to give mama a hug?" "Ya!"
Sweet isn't it? :)


  1. babyyyyyy you're toooo cuteeee *hugsss*

  2. Ani cium lhoooo, Baby!!!! Gemesin dhe.

  3. Max pinter banget, Ki, bisa bersihin sendiri the mess ... lucu!!!! Good big brother Max.

    Chloe dulu juga suka bilang eyes for glasses, now udah bilangnya glasses.

  4. Miss u too auntie Irene.
    Hugs and kisses back to all of u
    @Vanini: iya Van, dia suka observe jadi suka ikut2 yg kita ngapain.