One Scary Night

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Just couple minutes after I typed the previous post; I felt something came out of my body. I checked and it turned out to be BLOOD. Immediately I went to the bath room up stair, sat at the toilet, and called Chris. I was still too shock to figure out what's going on. Chris came, looked at all the blood and hug me tight. I started sobbing. There were a lot of blood clots too so we thought the baby may be among them but then I remember 12 weeks should be about the size of a lime and I didn't feel anything that big came out.
The heavy bleeding stop in 15 minutes or so. I put on pad then went to bed. We prayed together for healing, for miracle, for health..... Not an inch in me doubting God's love. We know He is in control.

Still I can't stop blaming myself....
Is it because I don't rest enough?
Is it because I kept holding babies?
Is it because I push myself to do my activities?
Is it because I don't eat enough healthy food?
Maybe all of the above... I kept crying before Max woke up, "Mama... " he asked for me. Chris moved to his bed to accompany him. Finally I fell asleep.

Chris took a day off the next day. I called my ob-gyn in the morning and she immediately scheduled me to come for an ultrasound and check up that afternoon. I knew it gonna be long since they will try to figure out what went wrong. It was Max-ie nap time too so we tried to figure out who can help us taking care of Max. Thank God for my good friend and neighbor Silvi who's willing to babysit Max while having to take care of her own baby. Thank you so much, Sil!

So we went for the ultrasound, praying and hoping for miracle, while preparing for the worst.
Then...there on the monitor we saw the baby. "The baby looks healthy and moving around." the ultrasound technician told us. I can't believe until I hear the baby's heart beat. Then we heard it. Our hearts are so full of joy and thankfulness.

The doctor figured out the cause of the bleeding too. The blood came from my body and it doesn't have anything to do with the baby. It's uncommon but it happens to some. They just have to monitor the pregnancy closely. Thank God I don't have to be bed rested. The doctor just ordered me to have a lot of rest; no more babies' lifting; restrain from any kind of exercise for at least a week, then come back for another ultrasound the next two weeks.

What a great reminder it is for us to take a good care of this precious little life that God has entrusted in our care. We can't praise God enough for giving us a 'second' chance to be his/ her parent.

 "Great is the LORD and most worthy of praise; His greatness no one can fathom.
One generation will commend your works to another; they will tell of your mighty acts."
Psalm 145:3-4


  1. Awwww, what a great God we serve!!! Thank you for sharing, Ci.

  2. poan9689Kiki....God is so Awesome!!! So happy that you and the baby are ok. I know you have a lot of friends who are ready to help you, and count me in to sister. Love you,

  3. Rest well. Will be praying for you and family.

    Love from singapore.

  4. Ya ampun ki. Gw baca sampe pengen nangis.. Definitely a scary night for you and chris. Thank God baby is fine, and you're back to normal. Take care and have a smooth pregnancy.

  5. How scary! Thank God that both the baby & you are okay. Istirahat yg banyak & hopefully everything will go smoothly until the delivery.

  6. Thank you so much for your love and prayers. No more bleeding so far. Thank God. We'll surely let u know if we need help. Love :)

  7. Auw Kiki *hugs! Praise God baby and you are just fine! *hugs! Keeping you all throughout the pregnancy in my prayers.

  8. kikiii, ommgg serem bangett yah.. tapi thankful banget ternyata ngga apa2 yaa... huu *peluk kiki erat2* will keep u in prayers kikianaa

  9. Scary, rest up Ki and we'll be praying for you.