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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The children choir sang at our church's 25th birthday last Saturday. Once the service was over Joana's dad came to me and Chris and told us how he loves seeing the children sing praises to God.
He then told Chris a story that bless my soul. I hope it will be a blessing to you too:
In a village where there is no church, lives a young man who loves the Lord. The young man loves to sing and play guitar. So he started playing guitar and singing common children song in front of his home. Soon the village kids gather around him, start singing and dancing along. Once it becomes more regular, he start teaching them Sunday School songs. Soon afterward, a Sunday School was born. :)

Btw, the children choir was singing a song titled: "The Saints Society", a reminder what we as church is all about:

Saints Society
We’re the Saints Society,
Part of God’s big family;
Kind and forgiving,
We’re growing and living in Jesus every day…

We’re the Saints Society,
Praising God in unity;
Praying and caring and joyfully sharing His love for you and me.
We’re the Saints Society.

There’s never any question that we really need each other,
For the Bible always mentions “saints” as sisters and as brothers.
It only takes just two or three to make a “Saints Society”
For Jesus promised He would be with all of us together!

Every one of us is special since we each have special gifts.
God has given us a way to help, to care and love and lift.
But even though we specialize, the hands need feet and feet need eyes.
There’s power when we realize we all can work together!

We’re the always victorious,
Giving Him glorious,
Love and adorious,
Telling the storious 
Saints Society!

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