Come On In!

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Vicky just shared the pictures of her new lovely place in Singapore, such an inspiration. Thank you for sharing, Vick! When I read other people's blogs; I always wonder what their homes look like so I thought I could share mine.

Come on in!

The Living Room
We got this beautiful orchard from our next door neighbor. They just had a baby boy and I made them a diaper cake. As a token of appreciation, they gave us this beautiful orchid in return.

Right after you come in, there is a book shelves on your left. The top two shelves host our keys, out going mail, things to bring out: hat, umbrella, etc. While the bottom two host our sandals/ shoes. We keep most of our shoes and sandals in the garage.
Being Asian, we don't wear shoes at home. We don't force people to take off their shoes though (just politely ask them :)) since it's not a common practice here in the U.S.  When Max was younger, I often use him as an excuse. "I'm sorry for the inconvenience but we have a crawling baby who eat everything on the floor; do you mind to take off your shoes?" =P

Move on to your right, you'll see our living room. We used to own a used fabric sofa from craigslist, which we love, but since Max was born, he kept drooling and making a mess, so we sold it back on craigslist at the same price :) and replace it with a leather sofa from a last day sale at Costco. It's a recliner sofa so we eliminate the use of ottoman.

The other part of the living room. We try to keep our TV off most of the time to eliminate noise and wasting time. That table is where Max play with his toy car, "practice" playing his keyboard, and doodle. We use the swivel chair next to the table to sit down when we need to put on our socks or shoes.

My 10 minutes writing time is up. Got to go lie down again. See u next time. Btw, I'm curious to see you home too. Please share! :)


  1. Ci.. it's been a while since I went to your cozy home too! You have an aquarium and goldfish now! And wall pictures of Maxie! I love costco and craigslist hehehe..

    Miss you!

  2. Kiki, such a lovely home you have! Thanks for sharing! Msh so orderly even though you are bedrest :)

    Vicky, mau dong emailin juga your new lovely home :)

  3. Thank you ::)
    @Vanini: this pic was taken in August I think before we had our neighbors over for dinner. That's why it's so orderly. :P The lovely orchid has died now but my fake orchid next to the TV still blossom beautifully.

  4. @Ci Vanini.. sip2 aku emailin ya.. :)