Home Tour - Part 2

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

We waited for a few years before we bought our home. Looking back even though the current value of the home declines so much, we have a lot to be thankful for.
I stumbled upon a list that I wrote on my personal journal regarding what I want my home to have:
a. Space to be a alone with God
b. Living/ family room big enough for fellowship, small group, and exercise (by exercise I mean aerobic - since this is the only exercise that I do)
c. A good-sized kitchen connected to dining and living room
d. Room for guest/ friend
e. Close to friends, work, and church
Our 1,300 sq ft home maybe much smaller than the average American home (2,300 sq ft) but it has everything that we prayed for.

The Living Room - Part 2

The first room that you see when you step into our home is Max's play room. I don't like the idea of putting toys in a big box because then the kid won't be able to see what they have. We spotted this big book case at Ikea's as-is-section and it fits our need.

The top part host our camera, picture frames, books, and misc items while the bottom part host Max' stuff. I try to put everything he need within his reach to make it easier for him to do things by himself. I purge his toys quite often; once he lost interest or outgrown them, we pass them on to our friends' kids. We seldom buy him new toys. Most of Max's toys are either gifts or hand-me-down from friends.

Next to the big book shelves is $10 plastic storage boxes covered with $1 pretty paper from Michaels that hold Max's clothes, wipes, lotion, and other things that he needs. It is so much easier that having to pick them up from his closets up stair. Now when I asked him, he can pick up his pants or shirt by himself.

Right next to the bookcase is our workstation. I like having the computer in the family room rather than having it in separate room because then I can still be with my family plus we can remind each other if we are on it too long.


This is where I sort mails, file my docs, pay bills, blog, etc...
Why two monitors you may asked: To save time according to Prof. Randy Pausch's lecture on Time Management. Now that we have Max, having two monitors allow us to work on one monitor, while Max watch his fire truck clips or discovery channel on the other one. 

That's it for today. Hope you enjoy the tour so far. :)