Update at 14 weeks

Thursday, October 14, 2010

More on our home tour later. I haven't taken pictures of the rest of the house.

We just got back from another ultrasound and doctor visit earlier today. So it's time for another update on the baby. Since that scary night, I had two more bleeding: on Tuesday and Friday the following week - not as much as the first one though.

The GREAT news is the baby is healthy and kicking. The not so great news is we finally got to see how my ob-gyn looks like when she is worry. Before, whenever I asked her if I could travel, hike, exercise, eat sushi, etc... her answered has always been "Sure! Pregnancy shouldn't prevent you to do what you like....."
But this morning when we asked her, "Should we cancel our trip to Indonesia?"
She looked at the ultrasound report, kept silent, before finally says, "It will be wise if you guys cancel the trip." Then she explained further that according to the ultrasound there are still some blood left over in my body so I should expect some more bleeding. I still need to rest a lot, no exercise whatsoever including the one that involve my dear hubby :P; no long period of standing/ walking for another month at least. So that's the update. We have discussed about canceling the trip earlier so it wasn't a big disappointment or us. We are just grateful that the baby is well. God is good.

If you ask me: How I am doing?
Physically: I'm okay actually. Much better than the first trimester. No more vomiting, nausea, etc...
I just can't do what I'm used to do. The last time I bleed was because I was standing up too long cleaning up the kitchen counter. :(
Emotionally: I'm overwhelmed with God's, my family and friends acts of love. I know many people are praying for us, some of our brothers and sisters in Christ kindly cook for us and babysit Max so that Chris and I can have some rest.
Spiritually: I'm rejoicing that the baby is still alive and the fact that I don't have to be on complete bed rest. The other day I grew weary counting the weeks. I brought up my concern to God: "Lord, I'm still on my 14 weeks. That means I still have 26 weeks or 6 more months to go... do I have to rest like this for the next 6 months?"
Then the next day, Yanny uploaded last Sunday sermon's online that way I was able to hear it.
It's like God answering my concern by saying: "Kiki, I remember you."
I don't need further explanation. Just to get a confirmation from my Heavenly Father that He knows and cares about me is more than enough. God is good!

Now time for picture. We took the picture below when I was 12 weeks pregnant. The baby should be about the size of a lemon. We didn't have a lime at that time so we replace it with Max's ball, which is about the same size:


  1. You look great, Ci Kiki! God is good indeed! :)

  2. Kiki!!! *hugs and prayers.

    Ki, waktu aku pernah ngalami bleeding episode with first pregnancy, a week after the bleeding, there was blood clot seen on ultra sound. Then two weeks after, it disappeared on its own (without more bleeding).

    Yes, better to cancel the trip ya ... yang paling penting baby dulu at this time. Praise God baby is healthy and well.

    Praying for you. Thanks for taking time to update.