It's a matter of when

Monday, October 18, 2010

I just heard sad news about a dad of my dear friend who just passed away. I don't know what's the cause. He was still in his late 50s I think. Another friend, Chris' ex- coworker, in her late 40s, also just passed away due to cancer. She just found out that she had cancer 3 months ago. Yet another, a husband of a friend also just passed away due to heart attack. He was still in his mid 30s. He passed away when his wife was just about to give birth to his 3rd child.

The news reminded me to share the message I heard at church on August 29 by Rev. Sony Wan taken from Luke 12:13-21. 

When death comes knocking; it doesn't matter how rich, how powerful, how smart, how strong, or how young we are; when it is time, we will be dead. Are you ready?

When we still have time, let us love the lord our God with all our heart, mind, soul, and strength. And love others as we love ourselves.

While our folks and friends still alive, we should share with them about our hope and the message of Salvation through Jesus Christ.

You can find out more about the good news here