Sewing Machine Cover

Thursday, November 25, 2010

In case you're wondering, here is what my lovely sewing machine looks like. I tried other sewing machines, read a lot of reviews, had discussion with Chris, and wait for a long time before making the decision to get this Janome DC1050 Computerized Sewing Machine:

Turned out I am not the only one who likes this machine. Whenever Max see it; he will play around with the compartment, buttons, etc... even after I unplugged the cable. So I thought I should make a cover for it that way he won't be tempted to play with it anymore. Got the idea to make the patchwork sewing cover from this book:  

When I was done making the cover; I felt it still lack something so I grabbed some left over fabrics from a skirt, which I shortened a little while ago, and use it to make a ruffle to add some charm:

Found the direction on how to make and attach the ruffle from this book:

Here is what the final products looks like:

The back - as usual my kaypoh toddler like to be involved:

The final look on the machine:

It works! Max no longer play around with mommy's machine. Yay!!!


  1. @Vanini: TQ! perasaan ngak ada picture aku dech :)
    @Vicky: I love the ruffle too. :)

  2. Hi Ki, what were your criteria when choosing a sewing machine? How did you choose Janome brand?

    1. Yen, I'll write my reasons on choosing Janome on the next post. :)

    2. Hi Yen, the post is up. Hope it helps :)