Pin Cushion

Thursday, November 25, 2010

I promise this will be my last post on sewing thingy this month. I made a camera cover for Nana before making this one but forgot to take the pic. O well... later on I guess.

I've been wanting to buy a bigger pin cushion since the one that I have too small; so small that I have to stop sewing every time I need to remove the pin then use one hand to hold the cushion and another hand to plug the pin in it. There must be a better way I thought. So happy when I found the tutorial to make this big and fancy pin cushion from this book. Btw, if you're a cheapo like me, you can borrow any sewing books from the library instead of buying them :)

 Introducing my new chubby pin cushion:

The bottom:

Closer look:

Now I can poke the pin as I sew away. Yay!!!

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  1. Pin cushionnya bagus sekali. I love the patchwork pattern. Baguuuus.