Touchy Kid

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Like his mommy, Maxie likes hugs and kisses. At least he doesn't mind me hugging and kissing him all the time. When I was little, I like to hold my mom or grandma's arm before falling to sleep. My brother's chubby cheeks were the subject of my pinching growing up. Now that I have Max, Chris is surely grateful for no longer being the only subject of my touching and kissing.

Just like his mommy and daddy; Max is sensitive person. The other day I was reading the report about a missionary who died while attempting to save a drowning teenager. I cried as I read the news.
Max who was playing behind me must heard me sniffing suddenly come asking, "mama nangis?" (mama cry?) then he give me a hug. :)

This afternoon when he was waking up from his nap; he can hear that Papa is outside so he called for him. Chris was busy working on something so he told Max to get up and come to him instead. Maxie kept calling "Papa...papa..." and cried out loud. When he finally walked out of his room we saw his face and how he cried - "the-I'm-hurt-because-you-ignore-me-kind-of-cry". He then insisted to be hold by Papa for quite a while until his love tank got filled up. O Maxie you are so like your mama :)