Three Oh and God's prompting

Saturday, November 20, 2010

I was reminded about my coming three-oh birthday two weeks before D-day. I started thinking: How should I celebrate it? I want to do something more special than the common birthday things: eating out, small or big gathering with friends & family, buying stuff, going places, etc... Then somehow on Sunday the pastor mentioned about ministering to the homeless, which gave me the inspiration on how I want to celebrate my birthday. Some of you may know that Chris and I have been volunteering at the homeless shelter since 2003. Usually, when we're volunteering, we leave Max-ie with our friends but this time I planned to bring him along to sing praises with me. After all, Max already knows many Sunday School songs and I believe Max's presence will bring joy and smile to the people at the shelter.

The problem was: I was still on half bed rest then due to the bleeding. So I prayed to God, "Lord, please move the placenta up as an early birthday present for me that way I can go sing praises without worry."
As soon as I said that prayer, God reminded me the message from the pastor previous Sunday: God loves people with unconditional love (I love you "in spite of"....)
unlike us, people, who often loves Him and others with conditional love (I love u "only if"....)

With tears running down on my cheeks I told God, "Lord, I will still go even if the placenta doesn't move up; as long as I can still can walk and no longer bleed, I will sing praises to You."

You know what happen next?

Everything start falling to place. Usually, we have to e-mail, announce at church, and ask people around if any of them are available to help out but this time two weeks before the day we're supposed to volunteer, many already told us that they want to join us without us asking. Kumala, Yeye, Jane, Ci Mariani, please know that you guys are an answered prayer! God also prompted Nana & Fonda to join the singing team. Yay!!!

And the big bonus from God:
We went for another ultrasound three days before the day we're volunteering and found out that the placenta already moved up so no more bed rest for me. God is good indeed!

So Chris and some of our friends cooked and served dinner while me, Max, and some other friends sang worship songs. One of the highlight was when one of the homeless start singing the song: Somebody Prayed For Me. Then in one part she turned to me and say, "I'm so glad you prayed for me." Then another man wait until we're done singing to express his gratefulness, "Thank you for coming and making my dinner special." The rest of the people were very grateful too. They keep thanking us for coming and helping us bringing the instruments back to the car.
So that's how we celebrate my three-oh birthday by ministering together as family. I couldn't think of a better way to celebrate it.

Oh...and later on, Chris, my little sisters, and The Satriyas family surprised me with a little gathering.

Thank you for loving me my friends and family! I'm so blessed to know and have each and everyone of you in my life. Giving God thanks for you.


  1. Happy belated birthday, CiKiki! It's such a meaningful way to celebrate your big three-0! Also, happy belated thanksgiving to you and your family! :)

  2. TQ Canthini for the sweet e-mail & comment. Happy Thanksgiving to you too!!! Hope you have a blessed one ya!