Love Letter

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Chris and I used to be in long distance relationship during our courtship days. We called, wrote e-mails and cards a lot to communicate to each other.
We decided to keep the tradition of writing love letters once in a while.
I can't recommend it enough to any couple. Reading our spouse's love in writing never fail to bring tears of joy and remind us to appreciate, give thanks, and treasure each other more.

I love you, hon!


  1. What a sweet love letter!!!!! I love writing and reading love letters too *ours :) sayangnya my lovely husband isn't a "out-written" person :) When he writes once in a blue moon, I am very touch to read.

    So it's indeed a super blessing to have the habit of writing love letters to one another like you guys have.

  2. Iya Van. I love getting those cards. We went to Family Life weekend to remember before we got married, where we're suggested to express our love in writing/ words/ touch/ gift whatever speaks love to our spouse. Chris and I decided to keep this tradition. There're time when I "asked for it" or "gave him friendly reminder" a day before ho..ho..ho.. but we both realized it's important for the other to get the love confirmation. It's precious indeed.