Bilingual Maxie

Sunday, December 12, 2010

At home, We speaks both Indonesian and English with Max. Below is a taste of having a talkative bilingual toddler:

When he wants more milk:
Max: "Mama, susu lagi, please" (= more milk please)
Mama: "No more, Max. How about water?
Max-ie: Susu aja ( I prefer milk)
Mama: No more susu
Max-ie: Susu lagi dikit aza ( a little bit of milk is okay)

When he wants to watch more videos after he's done watching one:
Maxie: Mama mau Frog lagi
Mama: No more Max. Frog abis (frog is finished)
Maxie: Thomas aza... (How about Thomas?)
Mama: No more video
Maxie: ABC aja...

Raining Basah
It was raining and once he got out of the car, he said: "Whoa, Maxie's car is so 'basah' (=wet)"

Sorry Jesus
He likes his milk a lot. Sometimes when either Chris or I still pray, he would sneak out to drink his milk. I told him he's not being respectful to Jesus. He then said."Sorry Jesus" (while still drinking his milk)

Kentut Bau
After he farted, he always says, "Koko Maxie kentut bau" (=Maxie's fart smells bad)
The not so funny part is when either Chris or I does it. Then he'll say same thing: "Mama/ Papa kentut bau." Well... at least he says it in Indonesian. :)


  1. Ohhh hahha, I love the "Sorry Jesus" and kentut bau stories. Miss Maxie a lot. I haven't seen him in 2 weeks. Love you, Koko Maxie.

  2. Haha Chloe's frequent Indo phrase is also "Kentut bauuuu". Then she also likes to say "aja". Yesterday she said, "You nti sick" referring to if she jumps after eating, her tummy can get sick. Maksudnya "Kamu nanti sakit".

  3. yayyyy i gott to see you tonighttt baby <3 maybe he'll say, nana no! no nana! hahhah :p

  4. @Yanny: we miss uuuuuu
    @Vanini: That means we taught them the same phrases at home ya:)
    @Nana: Happy birthday dear aunty. We're so blessed to have you. MUACHHH