Broiled Kalasan Chicken

Thursday, December 9, 2010

I am blessed with good friends who not only generously share their yummy foods; they also kindly share their recipes and tips on how to make them. Evelin shared this super delicious dish with me during a play date. Max doesn't like eating meat but he enjoys every bit of this chicken. I told Chris about it and he immediately bought grilled chicken from El Pollo Loco for our dinner but this chicken is way tastier than the El Pollo Loco's ones. So we made one the very next day :)

Broiled Kalasan Chicken - Adapted from Chef Evelin's recipe:
Printable Recipe
1 pound chickens {I used the wings and legs part or 1 Cornish hen}
1 package of fried tofu {from Asian Market}
1 package of Kobe Kalasan Instant Seasoning

Put the chicken inside a big Ziploc freezer bag with the seasoning.
Mix them well and refrigerate for one day {or put it in the freezer to be frozen, don't forget to thaw it first before using.}
Heat a pot of water, just enough to cover the chicken.
Boil till the chicken soft then add fried tofu. {about 30 to 45 minutes}
Leave a little bit liquid for basting later on
Broil on 375 'till brown {about 15-25 minutes}, basting the chicken occasionally with the left over liquid.

Eat it with Chris Signature Chili and hot rice Yummy !!!!