Mixed Languages

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Below is Max's daily silly stories. I apologize if these stories confused you due to the mixed languages. Between the two of us, Chris and I speaks 5 languages: English, Indonesian, Chinese, Javanese, and Teochew dialect.  Most of the time with Max we use Indonesian and English but at times we just use whatever words we usually use. 

Papa Marah
Before we were dating, Chris rarely smile in the picture. He said, he has small eyes, and smiling makes his eyes looks even smaller. Of course this habit change since we were dating and I kept encouraging him to smile. =D One day, I found Chris' old picture when he was at his first year of college. He still has a lot of hair back then. I showed it to Max then ask him, "Who is this, Max?"
Max replied, "It's uncle." (he calls every adult male 'uncle')
We then told him, "No Max. It's Papa."
Max then pointed at the picture saying, "Papa 'marah' (= angry)!" (because Papa wasn't smiling :))

Papa was giving Maxie a bath. Max then look at Papa, saying, "Papa, boat-tuck?"
Papa replied, "What?"
Maxie then repeated, "Boat-tuck!"
In his head, Papa think, "What you call me 'botak' (= bald in Indonesian)?"
Then Maxie say it, "Papa, boat-tuck" *while pointing to something behind Papa*
Papa turned around and see, "Ooo you mean boat-duck (Maxie's boat toy with a duck sitting on it)."

It's an-chang!
'An-chang' means dirty in Chinese
Whenever he takes a bath, Max always asks us to remove any tiny bitty dirt/ hair/ spot that he sees in the water. This time is no different. He told me several times, "Mama, looks 'an-chang', ewwww..."
When I see it's only a thread of hair, I replied, "It's okay Max; it's Papa's hair."
*silent for a second* he was trying hard to ignore it
But five seconds later he said, "Mama, I cannot, I cannot; It's an-chang!"
*O boy Koko Maxie, you surely got mama's clean freak gene*

Eek Buanyak
Maxie was just done doing business.
I checked and told him, "Whoa... that's a lot. Good job Max!"
Then, he went to Papa proudly tell him, "Papa, Maxie Eek Buanyaaaak!" (= Maxie poop a lot) *with Javanese accent*

Mama Fray...Fray....!!!
At night, Chris usually takes care of Max before bed time: brush his teeth, read him stories, pray, then put him to sleep while I do final cleaning/ picking up around the house down stair. Afterward, it's computer/ sewing time for me but I can no longer do that. Now when it comes to pray time, Max will run down stair while shouting, "Ma, fray...fray... (= pray.... pray....)!" And he won't budge until I go up stair with him. So thanks to Max now mommy change her habit. I sleep earlier & wake up earlier too. :)

*Borrowing auntie Yanny's phrase*: May this turn your frown upside down.


  1. Iyah aku diceritain ama Ko Chris yang boat-duck HAHAHA. Sampe keketawaan. Aku pikir gara-gara aku suka panggil Marcel Uncle Botak .... Phewwwwwwwww. Love you, Koko Maxie!!