Comfort Thing

Monday, February 7, 2011

Before Christmas, I found the tutorial to make this comfort thing here. Basically it is a pouch filled with rice, which you then put inside the microwave for 2-3 minutes, to warm your feet/ hand/ tummy during the cold days. I thought: "Hmmm... how interesting!" Since I don't like wearing sock when I go to sleep I thought of making one to warm my feet during the cold nights.  

Turned out Maxie loves it too and he kept stealing it from me so I ended up make one for him too.

Later on that week, we celebrated Nana's birthday at our home. I had to apologize to her since up to that day I still hadn't yet decided what to give to her. She saw the comfort thing then requested for me to make one for her as her birthday gift.

So happy when I found this cute pig flannel fabric

The process:

Of course Max would love to help out too

The result: Ta da!!!
I decided to make some more for Max's other lovely aunties whom I thought would appreciate this too.

Can't help to laugh out loud when I got this e-mail from Yanny:

Ci Kiki,
Thank you sekali yahhhhh .. pig in the blanketnya enak banged. I know tonight is a little warmer .. tapi aku dah ga tahan pengen coba. Jadi I have it on my lap as i am duduk sila and writing this email to you. It smells good too .. smells maxie. Kayanya wangi detergenmu yah? Hahahaha.
Thank you for thinking of me, Ci. Aku bisa suka sekali ini ... xie xie yah.

The next day she wrote me another e-mail:
Aku punya di-steal ama papa tadi siang ... dijadiin kompresan .. ndee tangannya kepelitek pas jalan jalan di kompleks. Koq bisa yah???? Trus mama bilang mau ke apotek beli satu lagi ... aku bilang ini dikasih ci kiki ... di apotek ga ada yg kaya gini. Haha.


  1. Iyahhhh, pig in the blanket nya serves me and my family so well. It's a very well thought gift, Ci. :-) I snug it in between my laps like "guling" every night sampe keboboan. Thank you, Ci. Thinking of you and Maxie every night I go to sleep. Hmmmm.

  2. kiki, your sewing skills is sooo good! looks very very neat! :)

  3. Thanks to you, Sharon! Kan kamu yg bilangin pake Seam Guide itu jadi bisa lurus :)

  4. ci Kiki, can I request one please, if it's not too troublesome? I've been looking for this & jadi pingin deh :) I'm coming soon!

  5. @Ellen: You surely need it there in wintry Wisconsin more than us here ya. I just sent you a message on FB.