First Dentist Appointment

Monday, October 10, 2011

In case you ever think we're perfect parents; we are NOT. The story below is one of many examples when we make mistake as parents. Since Max was born, he always love drinking milk from the bottle. I have been trying to wean him off from the bottle since he turned one but he refused to drink his milk any other way. Instead of being persistent in encouraging him to drink from glass with straw, we kept giving him milk from bottle 'till just a few weeks before Wesley born. He was almost three then. Last week, when brushing his teeth; I noticed a brown spot on his tooth. I tried to clean it but it wouldn't bug. I knew he got cavity. I told Chris and he then saw another one cavity, both at the back of his front teeth. I then called our dentist to make appointment.

Days before the appointment time, Chris and I keep telling him, "Maxie, there are 2 "worms" got stuck in your teeth and only the dentist can get it out. We shared with him a picture of a mouth with missing tooth at our dentist's website
So we told him if we don't take those "worms" out, they will eat his teeth 'till it's gone.
We told him when the dentist take it out, it will hurt a little bit but then you will be okay. Your teeth will be healthy again. Mama & Wesley will be waiting and praying for you outside while Maxie and Papa go to see the dentist. 
"Be strong like David when you feel hurt, you pray, okay." I told him
"Okay" he replied.

Chris and I were definitely more nervous than him. He is only three after all, does he understand all that we have been trying to explain to him? I asked my friend Elisse and her daughter Jasmine to keep Max in their prayers as well. 

When the time come, Max was ready. He went in with Chris while I waited outside with Wesley. 
Thankfully, he was allowed to sit on Chris' lap while the dentist examined his teeth. 
I prayed then waited. I was expecting him to cry out loud but I didn't hear anything.
Then 20 minutes later Chris and Max walked out like nothing happened. 
Chris said, "it's done." I couldn't believe my ears. 
"Really? Got canceled or done?," I asked
"It's done. Max did really well." Chris answered

Later on Chris told me that the dentist was going to give him shot to numb him but then he checked and decided not to do that. So he went ahead to clean the area manually and fill the cavity. During the procedure, he only kicked his feet when it hurts but kept his mouth open and didn't cry.  God is definitely still in the business of answering prayers.
Praise God for His goodness and mercy!


  1. Wow. That's fantastic!!!! Answered prayer and the boy, he is brave!!!! Amazed lho. I imagine kalau my girl went in the dentish, storm it must be haha amd then gagal total.

  2. Ha..ha..ha.. it was an answered prayer indeed. We didn't expect he can be so brave either.