Loving Brother

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Even before Wesley came out, I knew Max would be a loving brother. He always gentle with other babies at church; he would gently kiss my belly whenever we asked him to kiss his baby brother. The first night we brought Wesley home from the hospital, Max kept looking and gently pat him.

Last week we brought both kids to the doctor for their regular check up. Wesley has to get his 6 months shots in both legs. I was holding Wes in my arms as the nurse administer the shots. Wesley cried out loud as I expected it. What I didn't expect was Max who was sitting on his daddy lap and watched the entire ordeal immediately came to hug his brother with tears in his eyes. I have tears welled in my eyes as well as I told him that Wesley is okay. The shots works like vitamin so that Wesley doesn't get sick. Max stopped crying but remain standing close by his brother to make sure he is okay.

Tonight, I was nursing Wesley in his room. Max came in to take shower with daddy. He went straight to the bath room, turn on the light and water by himself while daddy was still down stair. Wesley then cried out loud, shocked to hear the sound of the water. Max immediately came out of the bath room. I told him to turn off the water. So he did. Wesley calmed down and continued nursing while the big brother stood in front of the bath room with guilty face. I could tell he was very sorry for waking up his brother and making him cry. I assured him it's okay, he can take shower at the other room. Wesley was super sleepy and tired that's why he cried so loud.

Maxie boy, thank you so much for loving your brother so gently and dearly.
We love you and give God thanks for you.


  1. Wahhh Koko Maxie, Annie and Uncle are so proud of you. You were taught and raised very well by your mommy and daddy. Not only that you are a loving brother, you are also a loving son, loving friend, and loving baby-to-borrow for Annie and Uncle. :-) We woof you, Maxie! See you soon, Wesley!

  2. Max is such a godly little gentleman!

  3. who are blessed with many loving aunties like you two *hugs*