Awana Boy

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Max started going to Awana at the church nearby our home last September. He loves it, and we love it. He loves the fact that he got to play with lot of toys before the program start; we loves it because he got so much out of it: the lesson, the activity, the love from the teachers and friends. In addition we got 2 hours break from having to respond to: "Mama let's play!"; "Read this book please"; "I'm hungry"; "I want to go potty"; "what are you doing, ma?; I want to see!"; "I want to help you, ma". It's all good but a little break is always nice. :)

One of the thing that I love is they give us a handbook that we have to go through with the kid at home so the parents are up to speed to what the kid are learning. So far Max has been learning about Creation, Sin, God's Love, etc. Click here to find out more about the curriculum.

Yesterday, the three of us were having breakfast (daddy went to work already). Wesley is in the 'screaming' phase, so whenever I put him on the booster and there's no food/ baby snacks for him; he will scream. When I am not quick enough to feed him his food, he will scream. This time is no different. That morning, before I could say anything, my three year old tell his brother, "Wes, wait! Don't be greedy. It is sin."

I smiled and nodded. There you go, the lesson of the day from my 3 years old :)