The Joy of Giving

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

After church yesterday, Cici Annie (the girl on the middle), a six years old dear daughter of our friends was playing with Max at the church's playground. Max enjoyed playing with Cici Annie very much so I asked her, "Do you want to bring Max home and babysit him this afternoon? We can meet up later at auntie Kathy & uncle Richard's farewell dinner."
She said, "Are you serious?"
"Yes, if it's okay with your parents."
"I will pay you $20." I was just kidding but I really don't mind paying. I planned to do our biweekly grocery shopping afterward and having one kiddo is definitely easier than having two.
"I don't want to be paid." she answered
"O okay." I replied.

So she asked her dad, who told her to ask her mom. She went to her mom, who then told her to ask her dad. Finally, both parents agreed to bring Max home as long as Elianne promised to really watch him. She assured them she will.

So off we transferred Max's car seat to their car. When I kissed Max goodbye, Elianne again assured me, "You really don't have to pay me, auntie Kiki."

The reason I have no problem whatsoever trusting Max into their care is because this family is amazing. They are the ones who talk the talk and walk the talk. The one who people call whenever they need help; the one who will be there for others whenever they are in need; the one who put God first, others next, and themselves last.

When I was at the grocery store, I found a bag of cool chocolate coins.  I got one for Elianne. I thought of buying one for Max too but one bag is too much for him and I knew that Elianne will share some of hers anyway for she is just that kind of person. What I didn't expect was what she told me at the end of the dinner. Just fyi, we had 30+ people at the dinner gathering.

"Auntie Kiki, I gave everyone one coin," she said cheerfully
The-frugal- money-saver-me automatically responded: "Oh no Elianne, then you will only have very little left for yourself. Do you know each coin is different? And there is chocolate inside? You got to save some for yourself."
The she looked at me puzzled, " I know auntie Kiki, but I have TOO MUCH, I like giving them away."

On the way home, I am reminded of this story
I know (and I bet the whole church will agree with me) that the reason why Elianne gives so easily is because not only she hears her parent preach about giving and serving but she also watches them put it in practice.
Thank you Elianne and the Tjam Family for your living example. We thank God for friends like you.

"There are only three ways to teach a child:
The first is by example
The second is by example
The third is by example." ~ Albert Schweitzer