Max Can

Monday, March 5, 2012

I got this idea from my friend Elisse, who currently homeschool her sweet daughter: Jasmine. I thought it's a great idea to encourage both the student and the teacher. So I too made the list of what Max Can Do:

Max in action:

He made a mess one day and before I tell him what to do he already ran to get the vacuum

and clean up the mess all by himself:

This is what he does every morning before breakfast: put the clean utensils back in their places

We have been learning how to do origami lately:

Reading books is his favorite this to do:

Besides playing airplane with mommy:

He can put on his pants by himself although sometimes he put on Wesley's pants instead of his own:

And What Max is Learning:

Thanks for the idea, Elisse-ooo :)


  1. I woof the jumping frog origami!!!! My childhood memory.

    Ci Kiki, nanti kamu bisa draw kotak-kotak gitu trus dikasih number each. Abis itu Maxie bisa jump the frog from one box to another while counting or shouting the number landed by the frog. Dulu aku lagi kecil blajar counting kaya gitu by myself. Abisnya bosen ga ada yang ajarin itung. Just the frog and me! :-)

    I also woof the Wes' pants story. You should also add, "Maxie can make Annie and Acel feeling so special!!!!" Cup cup muach muach.

    Thanks for sharing the cute photos and stories, Ci.

  2. What a great idea! Thanks for sharing, Annie.

    I'll add that to the list. Love u!

  3. awww... maxie makes anty nana misses him moreee :')