Miscellany Saturday

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Random posts on things that happened or in my mind lately:

Thankful for this oh-so-delicious non pesticides apple:

Loving this Family Rules print $13 we found at TJ Maxx:

Chris came back home one day and puzzled to find the sweet-soy-sauce bottle in the bath room sink. He laughed, took picture and then asked me how did it ended up in there. I answered that's what happened when you have two young kiddos. The kitchen sink was full with dirty dishes so I have to wash the bottle at the bathroom sink and before I can put the bottle back to the kitchen Wes was crying for something then I forgot all about the bottle.

Before we got kids, I only do laundry once every week. With 2 kids and one in cloth diaper, I do laundry every 1-2 days.

When it comes to eating time, I usually call the kid, have them sit, and get their food ready. I would then have to deal with baby who keep screaming 'till I give him his food and his big brother who keep asking, "Is the food ready yet?" One afternoon I realized that I have been doing it the wrong way. So that afternoon, I let them play on their own

while I get every body food ready (including my food and coffee ;))

Then I call the kids: "Okay kids, it's time to eat but you got to clean up first!" Max would then clean up (with a little help from me) in a lighting speed:

He didn't allow me to stack the library books before taking their pictures:

So after lunch, I took pics of the goodies that we got from the library. Here are the books for Max:

And below are the books for me. YAY :)) My hubby is so lucky it doesn't take much to make his wife happy just send me to the library.

When I was taking the above pics of course Wes wants to be involved (Chris took the pics below):

What happened when two boys sleep in one big bed:

Lot of actions within the span of 2 hours

LOVING these:
Boys playing together:

Our afternoon walk: