Daikon Soup

Friday, June 15, 2012

I am in the process of moving all my recipes to our food blog: Asian Family Recipes.
The Daikon Soup recipe can be found here


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  1. :) nice one! Funny, but honestly, I've been thinking to make this soup myself because I haven't had daikon soup for a lonnnggg time. However, I hate to eat veggies that will "cleanse" everything from my body... it makes me feel "cheated." I probably have to do more research about this veggie though because I'm not sure if it's just indeed a Chinese old-wife tale that Daikon will cleanse everything both toxic and non-toxic thingg in our body. But reading the nutritional fact in the link that you posted.. it looks like there is NO FIBER in it and there isn't much of anything else! I usually don't put daun salam in the soup though, but it's certainly a great idea to give additional flavor and fragrance, thanks for sharing :)