Bit by Bit Projects

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Introducing the latest topic on this blog: *drum roll please*
I used to long for the time when I can deep clean and organize my house from top to bottom. One day I realized that the time won't come: there's always laundry to be done, dishes to wash, lovely kids to care for, clutter to clean up, and so on. What I can do is just like I did with sewing and blogging, stop waiting for perfect time and take 5 minutes at a time to clean/ organize a spot or corner of my home, eventually I'll get the rest of the house organized, true? :) So feel free to join me and share your post on the comment. 

Project #1: Baskets in the kitchen
We keep these baskets in our kitchen shelves, a gift from my dear neighbor and friend
I was planning to reorganize the whole shelves but I remember the 'Bit by Bit' theme so I start with these two. Forgot to take the before picture. *sorry* they weren't too bad though just a little messy.
Anyway, so what I did was taking the whole things out. Only then I realized that I should have exchange the inside, the basket that hold the vitamins is slightly wider, which is perfect for the napkins. The result:

Then put them back on the shelves. I knew the shelves are dusty but my 5 minutes was up and my baby was screaming for attention already so that's it for now.

'Till next time!