A Day In A Life

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

I got asked this question often: "What do you do all day?" So here a snapshot of a day in my life to answer that question.

6:30 Hubby goes to office most of the time I'm still zzzz 
7:00 Wake up, get dressed, have my bible reading and quiet time 

7:30 Kids' wake up, read them their Bible
8:00 The kids play down stair while I open the bed rooms' windows, do a quick cleaning and start laundry
8:30 Unload clean dishes from dishwasher (the kids join me doing this chores), cook breakfast
9:00 Breakfast: honey oatmeal, yogurt, and milk {coffee for me}

9:30 Wash the dishes, line dry the laundry
10:00 Change the kid's clothes to go to pediatrician. Didi got 3 shots for today. He was NOT happy
11:00 Didi fell asleep in the car
11:30 Reading time for Max

12:15 Cook lunch: sausage and egg while the kids play
12:30 Computer time: E-mail, FB, read blogs
12:45 Lunch

1:30 Wash the dishes, put Didi on the potty while Max watch Wonder Pets
2:00 Read the material for teaching Sunday School next Sunday while the kids play together
3:00 Put both boys down for nap
3:30 Harvest my compost. Yay!!! So glad to see my kitchen's trash can be turned into something useful
4:00 Cook meatball soup for dinner, 
4:30 Papa is home, Yay!:) He then take a little nap with Didi.
5:00 Work with Max on his "writing"
5:45 Max help me taking down the laundry from the hanging racks then both kids went outdoor to play with daddy while I water the plants and join them afterward. Thank God for summer!
6:30 Dinner, wash the dishes {again}. I'm not complaining though because I use dishwasher so all I have to do is rinse, scrap, and put them inside the machine.
7:00 All go to Costco and Trader's Joe to get a little grocery

8:00 Got home, eat some fruits and Tiramisu for dessert 
8:30 Put the dried clothes in the drier for 5 minutes or so then fold
9:00 Chris put Max to sleep while I put Didi to sleep
9:30 Didi is asleep, {sometimes I also fell asleep} I go down stair to run the dishwasher, sweep kitchen floor, and make some non toxic all purpose cleaner 
10:00 Computer time: blog, e-mail, and pay bills
11:00 Read a book then zzzzz
That's it! 
PS: I forgot to take pics that day so I just use pictures from different days:

Today is the day He has made; let us rejoice and be glad in it. :)