Need a good laugh?

Sunday, August 12, 2012

I think this post can make you at least smile. :)
Food makes Didi happy:

Who is that guy?

Max saw me wearing shower cap when I was about to deep fry something.
He said, "Mama, you looks like a bull frog."
Me: "Thank you for the complement, dear!"

He can put on his own shirt but sometimes he got it backward. Like this time when I heard him screamed: "Oh no, mamaaaa... the cookie monster is on the back; help please...."

Papa figured out how to keep up with two boys outdoor:
If you read through e-mail or reader; you may need to go to our blog to see the videos:

'Till next time!
“A good laugh overcomes more difficulties and dissipates more dark clouds than any other one thing.” ― Laura Ingalls Wilder


  1. hahahahahha thanks for sharinggg made my dayyyy!!! :D <3 <3 miss youuu

  2. aaww I loveeee itttt!!! it did make me laugh!! super super cuteeeeee!!

    Also.. re: food ..Wes and I seem to have the same thing in common ahahaha :)

  3. @nana: We miss u too A LOT
    @Yunita: :))