The best way to spend my $20

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

The Bible that I usually bring to church is falling apart that every time I used it my Sunday School kids would tell me, "Why don't you buy a new one?"
Our church use the NKJV translation so I have been wanting to buy that version.
I looked online but having a hard time to choose one to buy because for me buying Bible is like buying clothes or shoes, which I can't do online. We went to a local Christian book and found out that they're having sale.

After minutes {the boys are waiting in the car with daddy} of browsing, checking, touching, I found the one that I LOVE:

I like the size {not too big, not too small, not too bulky}, the color, design and the feel of the {imitation?} leather.

I especially like the fact that it got concordance and...

a great yearly bible reading plan, which divide the daily Bible reading into two: morning and night.

*smiling ear to ear*