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Saturday, November 17, 2012

My little man is now 19+ months old and he is into books,

"helping" momma in the kitchen,


exploring, {The stool has became his extended leg now}

and Thomas {how about another Thomas cake, auntie Bertha? ;)}

He is serious but very sweet {when he smiles}, daring, caring, and smart. He can finish few words now:

But you don't want to mess with him by doing things like trimming his nails:
or taking his toys because he can be very loud and dramatic:

We usually start our day with unloading the clean dishes from the dishwasher:
followed by breakfast,
Bible time and learning time for Koko. On the picture below he was working on his math skill: counting the total number of whales and dolphins that he has.

Practicing his handwriting. Got the idea to use highlighter from pinterest

I try this matching game but it's way to easy for Max:

So we create our own game: placing the animals on their natural habitat. For instance Panda lives in China, Gorilla in Africa and so on. He quickly mastered this too:

Sometimes, our friends and neighbor' son comes by. So thankful to have good friends live within walking distance.

Chris and I try to always involve the boys in whatever we do so they can learn useful life skills such as: measuring rice

putting the pasta in the jar:

peeling the skin off the corn:

taking out the trash bin:
fixing things,

although often it would take more time and work than when we do things on our own.

The boys love to be involved and learn as they watch and try out Papa's cool tools:
Whenever the weather permit, I like to let the boys out and about:
They love to dig dirt with shovels
and watch animals in the nature such as bees, bird, gecko, spider, and so on.

One day Papa found a grasshopper outside so he brought her home:
They were ecstatic although I don't think the grasshopper feel the same way.

They love doing things together:

We established a rule that they can only be on the computer/ ipad when papa or mama is on the computer. No more whining or negotiating for computer time. It's been good for us, the parents too to be accountable and keep our computer time minimum.

Of course when they play together, fighting also happens:

Sometimes after a fight, I like to have them sit together in a chair and not too long after they usually make up:

That's what my days usually full of and that's why this mommy {and the boys too} are super happy and grateful when daddy is home after long hours:

'Till next time....


  1. didi ada miripnya sama koko lohhh sekarangg :) i miss themmmm, i wish i could joinnn the activities they look fun :D hahahah