Indonesian Fried Noodle

Saturday, January 19, 2013

My friend Yeye loves to cook {unlike me}. She used to cook this in a big batch for our church youth fellowship. She kindly shared the recipe with me and today I'm passing on the blessing to you.
Note: this is the simplified version of an Indonesian Fried Noodle a.k.a. Bakmie Goreng but taste just as good in my humble opinion.

The ingredients:

Any dried or fresh egg noodle from Asian stores should works but below is the one we use often:

The key ingredient is the sauce in the bottle: sweet soy sauce. We like this Bango brand the most.

Stir fry the ingredients in a big pan or wok:

Ready to eat:

Indonesian Fried Noodle aka Bakmie Goreng
Fresh or dried egg noodle
3 eggs - crack open and beat in a bowl
10 raw, shrimps - peel and devein
1 cup of meatball, sausage, fish cake, or imitation crab {use whatever you have on the fridge}
2 scallions - cut into small pieces
2 garlic cloves - minced
2 shallots - minced
3 Tb oil
4 Tb sweet soy sauce - more if prefer
salt and pepper
1 tsp Knorr's bouillon or mushroom seasoning 
2 Tb fried shallot
3 Tb oil for stir frying

Cook the noodle according to the package direction but slightly under-cook

Heat the pan or wok over medium heat until hot. Drizzle 1 Tb oil to coat the bottom of the pan continue heating until the oil is hot, then pour in the beaten eggs. Stir with spatula until the eggs are scrambled in small pieces for about 2 minutes. Transfer to a bowl and set aside.

Reheat the wok. Drizzle 2 Tb oil and continue heating until the oil is hot. Add the shallot stir fry with spatula until they change color. Add garlic, the meat ingredients, and shrimp. Cook until the shrimp turn pink.

Add the cooked noodle and the rest of the ingredients: sweet soy sauce, seasoning, salt, and pepper. Stir fry until the ingredients are cooked. Add the eggs and scallion. Taste and adjust accordingly. 

Transfer the fried noodle to plate, sprinkle with fried shallot



  1. ciciiii all these food posts make me really craving for your cooking heheheh *miss u*

  2. come... come... i'll cook for you