3 Other Uses of Nursing Cream

Friday, March 1, 2013

Nursing cream is great stuff for nursing mommy. However, I learned recently that the 100 percent lanolin cream is also great for:

1. Chapped lips
I first learned about using it for lip balm from Simple Mom. I gave it a tried but I found it to be too sticky for my taste but it works great for dry or chronic chapped lips.

2. Dry cracked skin or Paper cut
During winter, the skin near my finger nails often cracked, I try lotion, oil, even band-aid but none of them work as good as this.

3. Mouth ulcer
I was having a mouth ulcer last week, while applying the cream to my cracked skins I thought: "If it's safe for baby, I ought to give it a try." Sure enough my mouth ulcer is cleared in two days.

I was originally wrote 3 but then discovered the fourth benefit recently:
*4. Bugs bite
I got bitten by mosquitoes and ants when we were visiting an island in Indonesia. I tried many things to soothe the itchiness and scar but none of them work as well as my nursing cream. :)

Do you find other use of nursing cream? Let me know in the comment.

*Note: I'm not a chemist or medical professional. I'm just sharing what works for me. Use  your own discretion while using the product.


  1. I use it for eye cream! browsed about lanolin and it's actually good for around eye area :)

    it's maureen btw :)

  2. I didn't know that. Thanks for sharing!