Life with Two Boys

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

If you stop by to our home without notice most likely you will see these:

Max said the sofa was a big boat and he NEED to bring all his toys and book inside the boat
If you are lucky, you get to see dinosaur and tiger latching on a chair: 

My pretty handmade pillows often get tossed aside:

One day I was wondering where all the balls went then I took a peek at their playhouse. When I asked them why they didn't put the balls back at the bin Max answered, "But those are not balls mama. They are ice creams that we are selling inside our ice cream truck." *Note to self: always check the playhouse first when something is missing.

My boys are at the age that I can leave them to play at their own while I take a quick shower. One time when I was ready to step inside the bath room I felt my feet step on something: Wesley's work of art. I remember Max was doing the same thing when he was at Wes' age:

The two years old is into drawing lately:

He came to Chris one day saying, "Papa HELP, it stuck." 

Thankfully, I read the book Wild Things: The Art of Nurturing Boys earlier this year {great book by the way}. Things like this no longer give me a headache. It still amazes me what boys, their creativity, and curiosity can do:

Life with two small boys is loud,

messy, and fun.

It takes a lot of patience, energy, and creativity.

They makes me laugh, cry, and pray more. Not to mentioned distracted and forgetful.
This morning, my sister in law called my husband. After he hang up the phone;
I asked him, "What's up, hon?"
Chris: "Oh nothing... she just wished happy birthday."
Me: "Oh... whose birthday?"
Chris: ""
Me: "O... that's right!"
Happy birthday my love!  I can't thank God enough for giving me such a loving, hardworking, God-fearing husband. Thank you for your love, sacrifice, and patience to us. We love you!


  1. Aunty Kiki, thank you for posting the videos. Kirsten wants to play it over and over again :D

    1. :)) Come here and play with us, Kirsten!