San Francisco by Bart

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

We live about one hour drive from San Francisco. Last month, we want to try different experience so we went to SF by train or BART. The boys were ecstatic, we were too because it's a new experience for all of us. =D  We parked our car at Fremont station then hopped on the train. I showed Max the BART system map then explained to him the stations that train has to stop over. He kept asking question, "Where are we now? Are we passing the tunnel yet? Why the train keep stopping and stopping?"
Finally after one hour or so:

I *heart* our almost 5 years old Maclaren Stroller. It is super durable, lightweight, and comfy for the kid. We bought this mainly for traveling and it has serve its purpose well and beyond:

My almost 5 years old is not into smiling at the camera these days.

We stopped at Powell Station then walked all the way through the tunnel to China Town

Usually during weekend this restaurant: Yuet Lee is jam-packed, but because we went there on Monday we got to choose our sit and enjoy our lunch peacefully:

The food was very good although they are not in the healthy category ;)

Afterward, we bought some delicious egg tarts and buns from Golden Gate Bakery, rode bus back to the Union Square and hang out a little bit.

 We made it. Yay!!!
The Bart ticket cost: $11.30 per adult. Children under 5 ride free
SF Bus = $2 per adult for 2 hours
Parking = $1 per day
  The memory and experience = priceless