Great Read: Dear Chandler, Dear Scarlett - Part 1

Saturday, August 10, 2013

I first saw this book: Dear Chandler, Dear Scarlett: A Grandfather's Thoughts on Faith, Family, and the Things That Matter Most at Costco. I never knew my grandfathers because both of them died before I was born so I am very intrigued with what this grandpa has got to say. Before I tell you about the book, let me share what happened when our family go to Costco. Usually, Papa and Wesley will go around to pick the stuffs we need while me and Max would go to our favorite section: book. Then, we would enjoy our little peaceful reading time:

until Wes come:
to claim his place:

Okay, back to the book. I was delighted when I found the book in the library couple weeks ago. I would finish it in one seating if I could but with two small boys to run after, I finished the book in a few day. I *heart* this book. No wonder it got five stars rating on Amazon. Although it is a nonfiction, I felt like reading a fiction because the author shared a lot of heartwarming stories, lesson, and wisdom he learned in his fifty-seven years on this earth. This is one of the books that I want to keep and pass on for my children and grandchildren.

Some wisdom Mr. Huckabee shared in the book:

*On Parents
Your parents are far from perfect, but they love you unconditionally and totally. They will never abandon you, and while you might disappoint them from time to time, they will always love you no matter what. You will probably get angry at them sometimes, and you'll probably even think they are unfair when they say no, but they used to think I was unfair, too. Now they probably think I was right after all. You might think that yourself someday!

Always remember that you had nothing to do with who your ancestor were or what they did. You do, however, have everything to do with what you decide do with your life

*On Education
Don't ever get discouraged if you are not good at something immediately, or if someone is better than you at something. If God wanted you to be someone else, He certainly could have made you that person. But He made you to be you.

Education isn't about learning everything you'll ever need to know. It's about learning how to learn. You will spend the rest of your life learning. You are not going to college just to be a student for a few more years; you're going to you can prepare for the rest of your life. You never stop learning.

*On Work
Work is a force that shapes your character and gives you self-esteem. There is something very satisfying about setting a goal, working hard to achieve it, and then being able to look at the finished product and say, "It is good." A few important principles to keep in mind:
1. No one owes you a job. A job is not a right, but a privilege.
2. Go to work early and stay late.
3. Do your work.
4. Do the things you like least first.
5. No job is perfect
6. Don't brag.
If you amplify the best work habits, you will end up at the top of your field.

*On God
In my opinion believing that something as significant as human could evolve from a puddle of mud requires a far bigger leap of raw faith than accepting the logical conclusion that human beings did not spring into existence by accident, but were designed for a purpose.
Your eyes are more sophisticated than any camera... Your ears can hear an amazing range of sounds...Your brain is far more intricate than most computers could ever be...

One day your might decide that you will be better off serving God and listening to Him rather than pretending the universe revolves around you instead of God. When you make this decision, you will need to do the most unnatural thing a human being can do: You need to humble yourself and acknowledge that you need God more than he needs you. I hope both of you develop a relationship with God and know Him in your heart.

- To be continued