Shoulder Heatpad

Thursday, August 8, 2013

A friend of ours got into biking accident and had to go through a shoulder surgery. Even after a month, the pain was still unbearable at times. I thought of making a shoulder heat pad similar to the regular heat pad I used to make. The only different is the size {I made it larger: 10 x 17} and stitches in the middle parts to keep the rices in place {got the inspiration from this etsy shop}

It's turned out to be quite tricky. I had to stitch the vertical lines first then filled them with rice column by column, stitched horizontally, filled the next row with the rice, stitched again, and so on.

Wrapped and ready to be delivered:

A little clip of Max reminding me to pray for "uncle yang shouldernya sakit" {translation: the uncle whose shoulder got hurt} :)

Hope it does help to ease the pain a bit. 


  1. LOL!!! this is so cute.. and Wes must be so hungry.. he almost couldn't wait to continue eating his food ahahahahhaha!!! adorable!

  2. thank you for this ki! this is a gift that kept on giving. not only it helped with my hubby's shoulder, not it helped me with my back pains. it's in my hospital bag. and a special thank you for wes and max who are hungry and still prays for us. lol.

    1. So glad to know that. Yay! We'll make another one for you then. Sorry for the delay