Kitchen Renovation Progress - Part 2

Thursday, August 29, 2013

All of the work below was done by the professional. The good thing about taking our time to plan and wait is we were able to get all the materials ready so by the time the contractor was available, he can go straight to work and get things done in a few days.

Day One: Demolition

No more cold tiles except in the bathrooms. :)

The lower cabinets were gone too:

Day two: install the lower cabinet

Day Three: Install the sink and counter top. We got our cabinet and granite counter top from a local store. We chose granite because we like the color and pattern. At first we were going to get Silestone quartz but the granite was 50% cheaper so that's what we got. The cons of granite is it can get stained/ absorbed spilled water or oil {especially since we got the light color one}. Good reads on choosing counter top from the The Pioneer Woman and Young House Love

Day Four: Install the faucet, and back splash. We bought the back splash from Home Depot. Chris just had to be there to make sure those rectangles were lining up perfectly.

Day Five: Rest because it was Sabbath Day:)

Day Six: Finish the back splash

Day Seven: Install the vent and the hardwood floor. I kept going back and forth between keeping our tile or changing to hardwood. Until I read this article and counted how much time we spent in the kitchen/ dining room, which is a lot, especially since we are homeschooling too. Final decision: hardwood it is. Although it is not super durable like tile but we love the look, the fact that it is easy to clean, and oh so comfy on our feet. No more sandals or socks in the kitchen.

Day Eight: Finish installing the Hardwood Floor. We got our hardwood floor from a local store. They got good collections, reasonable price, and great customer service. After bringing home many different samples we finally made our decision. 
New floor and happy feet :)
Day Nine: Final touch up and clean up.

It is finished! Done! I will reveal the "after" pictures next...


  1. Love your new kitchen! Great job you guys ... this post can be useful for us in the future :) thanks for the post!