Kitchen Makeover Reveal

Saturday, August 31, 2013

You saw how our kitchen looks like before. After saving, planning, and working on it here is how it looks like now.
Disclosure: Our kitchen almost never looks this clean. In fact, the reason why it took me so long to take the "after" pictures was I kept waiting 'till my kitchen is clean and tidy then it dawn on me that it would never happen because we use it day in and day out. Chris reminded me that those pretty houses I see in magazine only looks that impeccable the moment when they took the picture. With that in mind, I cleaned my kitchen quickly, moved some stuffs away, and took these pictures while the boys were outside looking for bugs with daddy.

So come on in before they are back!
On the far left is our command central. It got our calendar, menu list, daily schedule, grocery list, the boys' chores and reward system.

The refrigerator is the only appliance we replaced because our old one leaks once in a while and we're worried it would ruin the hardwood. We chose the smaller counter depth fridge instead of the regular size because our kitchen is small and I learned that I don't waste too much food when I don't buy and stock up too much. We got ours from a local store. They match the big box store price and give 10 years warranty.

Below is the main reason we replaced the lower cabinet:

Remember what it looks like before:

Now we can put and access the stuffs in it:

Closer looks at the back splash and granite:

another lazy susan at the right side


We bought the sink and faucet from Amazon

The shelves were from Ikea, the succulent was a gift from a dear friend, the wall art was from Home Goods, the flowers were from my back patio, and the retro scale was from Cost Plus World Market

Our dining space:

We put granite on top of the side cabinet and extend it to the living room. It now functions as baking center/ craft table/ office/ extra sitting space

That's it. Hope you enjoy the tour. The boys are back and now it's time for dinner:

It's not perfect but it's a blessing and we love it.

Bless this kitchen, Lord, and those who gather here each day. Let it be a place for us to meet, share, love, laugh, and pray. Amen!

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  1. Replies
    1. then you need to come back and see it in person then :)

  2. Waahhh LOVE it Ki! Very similar to what I have in mind for our kitchen too! Itu subway tiles nya warna kaya antique white or something? It has a greenish tint. Itu glass yah?
    Trus itu countertop nya apa? Is that Kashmir White Granite?

    1. Hi Kulik!
      Subway tile is glacier ice from Home Depot:
      Countertop from a local chinese cabinet/ countertop store the name is riverwalk white. But I didn't know granite could absorb water/ oil which will change its color overtime so Silestone/ Pantel quartz maybe a better option.

  3. Love your kitchen! If we have to remodel, for sure I want something looks like this :D Good choice :D :D

    1. Thank you, Na! It takes years to convince my hubby to go with white kitchen. :)