Lassen Volcanic Trip - Day 1 & Chicken Teriyaki

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

 A few months ago, we took our family plus two more kiddos for a camping trip. We usually go on a group camping and Chris had been wanting to go on a family camping especially before his work schedule change. So off we went to Lassen Volcanic National Park.

We allowed each kid to bring one toy. So Mei Ik brought a journal, Wes and Max each brought a dinosaur toy:

and Koko brought this 3 dimensional puzzle thing:

After 4.5 hours and too many: "Are we almost there?":
 right after we arrived, everyone was busy setting up
except one little fella:
He was busy eating, exploring and getting himself dirty.
Once the tent was set the kids couldn't wait to get inside. Each one brought their favorite stuff animal. The funny thing is the younger the kid, the bigger the lovey:

That first night menu was: chicken teriyaki {recipe at the bottom}, cheese quesadillas, and stir fried vegetables {I use carrots, bell pepper, mushroom}
my sweet sous chef
The grill master:

I don't know why but corn always taste best at the camping     

so does grilled Teriyaki Chicken. Wes alone ate 5 of them

Teriyaki Chicken 
Recipe courtesy of my neighbor Silvi 
Printable Recipe

2 lbs Chicken wings
4-5 Garlic, minced
Teriyaki sauce {we use Soyaki brand from Trader Joe's}
Sweet soy sauce {we use Bango brand}
Salt and pepper
1. Boil chicken till half cooked
2. Place them inside a Zip-Lock bag.
3. Marinade with minced garlic, teriyaki sauce, sweet soy sauce, salt, and pepper
4. Refrigerate overnight or put in the freezer until you are ready to cook them.
5. Grill or Bake at 400 degree Fahrenheit 'till cooked ~ about 20 minutes


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  1. So you guys went camping with two adults and four kids? wow, very brave of you! what super parents/adults, you two!

    1. Hahaha the two kids are bigger so they can help out too.