Easy Peasy Dinosaur Cake

Friday, October 18, 2013

Like many kindergartener boys I know, my son passed the Thomas The Thank Engine's craze and moved on onto: Dinosaur. When his birthday's approaching, he asked me to make a dinosaur cake even though he doesn't like cake. So I started searching inspiration for dinosaur's cakes at the Pinterest.

However, knowing full well how much patience, talent, and perseverance I got in cake decorating, I thought of different option. We bought Bread Papa's Puffs, which Max love and a dinosaur that he had been saving his chores money for months to buy it. I got the crayon candles from a local craft store. It took me the whole three minutes long to put them together:

He couldn't take his eyes out of it 

Happy birthday, Max!  You truly are a gift, blessing, and joy. Thank you for brighten our days with your smile, laughter, love, and creativity. Praying that you will continue to grow in your faith, character, and love. We love you!


  1. Haha... I love that kids are so easy to please

    1. Indeed thankfully especially since I don't have your talent.

  2. LOL!! very clever Kiki!!! Happy Bday Max!! what a yummy dinosaur cake you had!

  3. Lol ... love the idea, but love to see Koko smiled the most :D