Fabric Covered Kitchen Mat

Saturday, October 19, 2013

A little while ago, a friend told me about anti-fatigue mat that has helped her not having back pain while spending much time standing in the kitchen. So I bought one and it does work but over the time due to high traffic it started to wear out:

Then I remembered seeing a fabric floorcloth tutorial at Pinterest, which lead to this site.

So I got a yard of home decorator fabric and followed the tutorial.

I used this spray adhesive but it didn't work so well so I just used this glue

I don't know if it's my fabric but I couldn't just glued the corner, I had to hand stitched them:

It definitely worth the effort because my kitchen mat turned out to be better than it was originally:

While I was standing on a chair to take the above picture Max came to show me the picture that he drew:

As usual, Didi followed his older brother' step. That wasn't his drawing though. It's a recycle paper so he technically just showed me his paper =D

One last picture of my "red carpet" on which I spend many hours standing on while washing dishes and preparing our family meals:
*smiling from ear to ear* :)


  1. Good job, Mama Kiki! I love this idea so much. I was telling hubby about this mat after you told me. He says we should have it too if I spend lots of hours in the kitchen. But what a great turn out!

    1. You DO spend a lot of hours in the kitchen, dear. I got it cheaper from Costco :)