Letter to my kids: having the courage to climb

Monday, October 21, 2013

Dear Max and Wes,

Ever since your Papa and I read about The Barbarian Way, we realized that's how we want to live, give, and parent you two.{ please click and read the link first then go back to this post}

I hope you remember the day when we went hiking at Lands End Trail with Kirsten and her parents. 

On the way back from the beach, you, Max pointed at a narrow and steep path that you wanted to climb. I showed you the safer path, where we came from but you couldn't take your eyes out of that path so Papa decided to hike it with you while Wes and Mama took the easier route.

Wes and I ended up getting to the top first and encouraging you to climb on:

Papa told me that the whole time you climb, you were not sure if you could make it. You kept saying, "I am scared, Pa." But with Papa's constant encouragement and help, you finally made it . 

We're all so proud , happy, and relieved. :)
{Big thanks to Myrna for taking our family picture}
The view from the top:
As the author of Barbarian Way wrote, we knew that for you the hike was terrifying but we also realized if you can conquer it, you would find yourself triumphant. It was important that you tried and perhaps even more important for you to know that we would always encourage you to greater endeavors. 

Praying that when God is calling us to greater endeavor, we would have the courage to obey.

"Live by faith not by fear"


  1. Good job, Koko Maxie! I admire your perseverance :D And thanks Mama Kiki for blogging this post.

  2. Good job Max! and thanks Ki for sharing.. I certainly need the reminder as well.. "Live by Faith not by Fear" :)

  3. I am tearing up as I read this! Thanks for sharing!!! Thumbs up for Maxie for being so courageous. Thumbs up for Papa for making sure koko made the climb safely. Thumbs up for Mama & Didi for cheering for koko & Papa! Huggsssss

  4. wuahhh i am tearing up as well T.T thanks for sharing thiss <3 you allllll