Field Trip: Ano Nuevo State Park

Saturday, March 29, 2014

 Every month my outdoor husband need his nature fix. A friend told me about Elephant Seal Guided Walk at Ano Nuevo, where the northern elephant seals come ashore to give birth and mate  during the breeding season from December through March.

The tour was so popular that we couldn't get reservation during weekend so Chris took a day off from his work. It turned out to be a good decision because we ended up with much smaller group so we could take our time and ask as many question we like

These popular three-mile walks over rolling sand dunes last about two and a half hours and are considered moderately strenuous.

Awesome view along the way 

Then we came to the point where one could only enter with the park ranger or guide

Our tour guide:

Didi managed to walk on his own 1/2 way or about 1.5 miles. Not bad for a three years old.

  after about one hour walk there we see  them


I asked the park ranger what's the reasons we can't enter the park on our own. He answered, "because during the breeding season, it's likely that we encounter these 5000+ lbs cute animal along the trail." Without the guide, we won't know what to do or not do. 

  Okay, now it's time to head back

We then check out Marine Education Center on our way back 

Can you spot the pup? Didi can. :)

Some more information:
Yelp Review of Ano Nuevo Elephant Seals Tour can be found here

Ano Nuevo State Reserve is located on State Hwy. 1 between the cities of Half Moon Bay and Santa Cruz, about 1.5 hours south of San Francisco. 
Public Seal Walk: Walks last about 2.5 hours, and consist of a moderately strenuous 3 mile hike over sand and sloping terrain.

Be prepared for windy, rainy conditions, as well as muddy trails. Layered clothing, sturdy shoes, and hooded rain gear are recommended. Bring bottled water for drinking as there is none available during the walk.

Pets are not allowed in the Park and cannot be left inside parked vehicles in the parking lot. No kennels are available. Please make provisions for your pets.

No smoking or eating is allowed on the walks.

Tour cost $7 per person. FREE for children under three.

Parking fees: $10.00

Click on link to see the Guided Seal Walk Brochure and schedule a tour


  1. this has been in my bucket list for quite some time!

    I hope I get to do it next year ..have to plan ahead to buy the tix!

    1. The earlier {around January} the better, Yun. Most of them have left beginning of March.