Master Bedroom's Facelift

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Even though we bought our place 6+ years ago, last summer when we renovated the kitchen was the first time we put on a new paint in the house. We learned that painting is an easy and cheap way to refresh a room.

The precious owner was a lady so she painted the master bedroom purple pink, which is neither my nor Chris' favorite color. Finally, we decided it's time to change the color.

The before:

We use some leftover samples we bought for the kitchen to find the right color

The winner is the second one from the right: Benjamin Moore Revere Pewter

Our next door neighbor kindly lent us the super tall ladder. We are very thankful because this project won't be possible without it. Hubby painted the upper part of the room

while we painted the lower part

okay not really... daddy did 90% of the painting while we were just having fun :)

the old and new colors

The after:

My sewing space is on the other side of the room

The kids are finally ready to sleep in their own room so this room is now just for the two of us.
Woohoo!!! :)