Point Reyes National Seashore

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Point Reyes is one of my favorite places to explore in Bay Area. The last time we visited the place was last February where the field still green as far as our eyes could see:

There were cows, elks, and deers

During the migration season, gray whales were often spotted.

Couldn't think a better way to learn about this than seeing it ourselves:


Oh course we had to visit the famous lighthouse

Then it's time to climb back up.

Do you see the numbers on the stairs? 308 steps in total

Both boys managed to get down and up all by themselves. Way to go, boys!

Didi fell down during the hike back:

He's fine. Just a little bummed.

Then we went to Chimney Rock to see Elephant Seals. It was a smaller group compared to the one at Ano Nuevo.

Some tips:
1. Most of the time it's windy and cold {even during summer} so bring jacket and head covering.
2. Bring extra clothes in case you decided to play on the beach.
3. If possible arrive early {Check their operating hours first} and bring your own lunch that way you have more time to hike and explore the park.
4. Bring some cash. No Entrance Fee is charged but from Late December to mid April they use Shuttle Bus System, which charge $5 per person 16 years and older.

  Have fun!


  1. Nice pictures, Ki! We actually went to Pt Reyes last time we went to SJ so the places look familiar.