Write it down or take a snapshot

Thursday, May 8, 2014

The above image is a collection of sweet conversations taken at the Ostby's home. Whenever they heard funny saying or words of encouragement they write them down in a small peace of paper and tape it on a wall in their living room. It never fail to make any visitor smile or laugh. Maybe that should be my next DIY project. :)

As for now, I am recording my sweet moments and funny conversations here in this blog.
I stumble upon this old post a few days ago. I smiled and so grateful that I wrote them down otherwise I won't be able to recall those precious moments and words.

My three years old talks all the time nowadays {the apple surely doesn't fall far from the tree}. Still loud and strong headed {just like his parents}.

He understands both Indonesian and English but mostly speaks English.

We went out to grocery one day and it was cloudy. After we arrived, he refused to leave the car.
He said, "Noooo.... It's raining, we have to bring lalala!"
I didn't get it at first. What Didi we have to go to the store.
He insisted, "No...it's raining. We will be wet. We have to bring lalala." Then he motioned for me to get umbrella from the trunk. Max and I were laughing hard once we realized that what he meant was "umbrella".

Being an active child, he often fall down or get bruises. He would then cry out loud, come to me to be comforted. One day he came to me crying and I hugged and kissed him. He then reminded me something that I forgot to do, "Pray for me, ma! Pray for me!"

This morning, I experienced a bad cramp and lightheaded. I was worry if I would faint. Thankfully, the boys could understand and follow my instruction. I asked Max to get the phone to call daddy and Wes to get me comfort thing to ease my pain. They even gave me a blanket when I lay down on the sofa while waiting for daddy to get home.

I am writing these down because I don't want to forget these precious moments.

Thanks to my digital camera, which I keep in our family room instead of hiding it in the closet, I got to capture the sweet moments in pictures too.

What he looks like after waking up from a nap:

I realize that soon my big boy won't be needing my help to read so I treasure every reading time with him: 

50 books to read for a new pet

I asked Chris one day, "I heard the Amazing Race is featuring Indonesia tonight but I think something wrong with our TV it couldn't detect the free basic channels."
He replied. "Honey, the TV hasn't been working for months now and you just realize it?"

We just use the TV to play the kids DVD so I don't even know if it is no longer working. 

Have you ever seen a boy with dinosaurs on his shoulder and an alligator on his head? Well...now you have:

I keep only a few toys in the house and store some in the garage. What happened when one of the old toys were brought back up? The kids were as excited as getting a new toy.

This Pattern Blocks and Boards was Max's toys and now it become Didi's favorite.

 Wearing a cape while doing your school work? If you can, why not? :)

enjoying the perfect soft boiled egg 

Chris heard Wes' screaming from the rest room one day, "HELP!!!!" I was wondering why because he now can do business by on his own. Turned out he got blocks in all ten fingers and therefore need our assistance to do his business:

 Believe it or not; they really enjoy doing this:

  Didi's lovely friend stopped by to check out one of our pets.

 Practice playing the piano:

  May I sit with you?
The penalty from fighting over toy: hugging for 20 seconds

Jericho Wall made by Max:

The making of Nemo boat

The messier it is; the more fun it i:

Once a year, the cherry blossom trees behind our home blooms:

It was a beauty to behold:  

Every season has its own wonder and challenge. I am writing and capturing them so I can look back and see how good and gracious God has been to us.

"I will praise You, O Lord, with my whole heart; 
I will tell of all Your marvelous works. 
I will be glad and rejoice in You;  
I will sing praise to Your name, O Most High." Psalm 9:1-2


  1. I feel like I live close to you! :)
    Itu buku piano apa Ci..

    1. Dipinjemin Elianne: http://www.pianoforpreschoolers.com/

  2. Ki, itu kalo anak2x abis sapu2x & vacuum, kamu masih mesti kerjain lagi nggak?

    1. good question :) it's depends... if there's still crumbs I would but they are getting better with each practice :)