Lake Tahoe on Summer

Monday, June 23, 2014

We love going to Tahoe on summer. Last year, we went with couple other families, which enable us to rent a vacation house. The good thing about renting a house is we can do laundry, cook, and some also allow us to borrow their stuff like towel, beach umbrella, swimming board, and such.

One of our favorite things to do is: river rafting. There are two companies that rent their boat:  this one and this one. They have slightly different policy on the age of children allowed so check them out first before you rent.


I am pretty useless at paddling the raft so I hand over the task to the expert:

It's quite pricey but it was an interesting experience. 

The rafting takes about 2-3 hours. Depends on how fast or slow you want to go. We bought a small cooler and filled it with sandwiches and fruits. We also bought bottles of water of course. Don't forget to wear hat, sunglasses, and sun block because you will be exposed to the sun.

The next day we spend at our favorite spot: Sand Harbor Beach


The water was cold but that didn't deter the kids from swimming


At the last visit, we decided to rent kayak. We like the fact that they allow children on board unlike the one we rent at Lake Manzanita, which was very strict with their "only two persons per ride" rule.


The boys were scared if the kayak flip over but Chris and I love the experience.   

maybe we try paddle boating next time :)


Tahoe.... oh how we love you....