Where have we been and this summer bucket list

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

A few weeks ago, we flew a few thousand miles to see our friends and family on the other side of the world.

The main reason was to attend the holy matrimony of my baby brother. Can't believe how fast time flies; the sweet little boys has grown to be a fine young man

The wedding color theme was red so I changed the bow ties and the buttons of these vests to get the boys ready for the party. Wedding in Indonesia is big and fancy; not something that I am used to or into.

but I love the part that we get to be together with family

and sweet old friends:

We're also blessed with the chance to visit this beautiful place called Belitung:

Once we get over this jetlag, I will tell you more about it.

This Summer Bucket List
{because I only have 12 summer left with Max and 15 with Wes}

1. Trip back hom

2. Go to a u-pick strawberry farm

3. Bi -weekly library and Farmer Market trip

4. Play date or invite people over at least once a week.

5. Hit the pool when the weather permit

6. Jury duty. I got summoned for jury duty next month. Will you please pray for me? Thankfully, both boys can attend summer camp during that time. God is good!

7. Camping

8. Vacation Bible School for both Max and Wes. Originally, only Max is qualified to join but since I will be volunteering, Wes is allowed to tag along as well. Yay!!!

9.  Light daily learning activities: reading, phonic, and math. Recent reading on summer learning lost encouraged us to continue learning during summer.

10. Deep clean the house and organize garageThe kids and I stayed a week longer in Indonesia while dear husband went back to work. He managed to build a sturdy rack while we were gone so now what's left to do is purging half of our stuffs in the garage to fit that rack.

11. Update Quicken

12. Organize pictures and videos

13. Work on a few sewing projects

14. Get ready for First Grade for Max. File the kindergarten work.

15. Get ears pierced. I had one when I was a baby but the holes closed up.

Hopefully, I still can manage to blog while working on that list :)