Confused Max

Friday, June 20, 2014

Coming back from Indonesia, I was busy cleaning up the house and doing loads of laundry. Out of the blue, my observer son asked, "Why we don't have helper here, ma?" {it's a cultural norm in Indonesia is to have a maid to help with the cooking, cleaning, or washing clothes.}
So we have a long conversation afterward about different cultures.

My dad was telling Max to refer him as "grandpa" instead of "you," whenever he was talking about or to him. I told him in Asian culture, it's not polite to call his grandpa: "you", but I didn't explain further. So once we got back to the States, he overheard me calling Chris, "you" and he immediately reminded me that it's not polite. So I had to explain that in Asian culture, calling others at your age or younger "you" is okay but not to those who are older. Not sure if he understand it but I think it's cool that he got to learn different cultures. 

A conversation with grandma:
Max: There is a lot of mosquitoes here (in Indonesia).
Grandma: "Yeah....but it's warm here. Your place is too cold for me."
Max: "No. It's not too cold. When it's cold, we can just warm up the heatpad."