What to bring on jury duty

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

I was called for jury duty last week. Despite the inconvenience, It was very interesting and educational experience. I was very impressed and grateful for our justice system, staff and judge who patiently explained the procedure and the case with us.

I wasn't prepare with what to bring or not to bring on my first visit so I thought I post this for future reference.

What to bring on jury duty:   
1. Sealed water bottle. There is water fountain in the court but I'm glad I brought my own.

2. Jacket & scarf. Like hospital rooms, the court room {at least the one I went in} was cold.
Dress like you are going to travel on airplane because you will have to go through security just like in the airport. The security will ask you to take off any kind of metals, which may include belt, jewelries, watch, shoes, so be prepared and dress appropriately. 

3. If you have to eat on time, it may be useful to bring food or some snack to eat but no worries,  there are vending machines in the juror room and the court was on break during lunch time, which allow us to go out to get lunch. 

4. Book to read. You will spend plenty of time waiting so may as well use it to learn something. 

5. There's Wi-Fi so some people work on their laptop while waiting in the juror room. I just bring my smart phone.

6. Note & pen to take note in the court room because all electronic devices have to be turned off there. This is optional, I just like to take note.

7. Summon letter and picture ID.

8. Last but not least: good attitude. As Charles Swindol says, "Life is 10% what happens to us and 90% how we react to it."

Pay attention and answer the judge and lawyers questions straight and honestly.  

Feel free to add in the comment if you have anything to add on the list.