Little Boys Talk

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Just a little while ago, this is how he talk:

 Now he talks like this {inside the airplane on the way back to the U.S}:

My favorite part of the day is when he tells Papa about what he learned, read, or found during the day. I know there will come the day when his answer would be "I don't know" or "nothing" so I cherish these days when he talks endlessly.

He is very good at reasoning and dialoging nowadays

For instance, he can give 100 reasons to postpone his bedtime. The most recent one is, "but I still need to practice reading, mom." 

Another time, he was playing Ipad. I told him, "Stop playing, I need to charge the ipad." He quickly replied, "but the battery is still 100%. Does it mean I still can play, ma?"

Coming back from Farmer Market. He quickly ran inside and wash his hand. I asked him what happened? He answered, "I have to hurry. The peach is waiting for me to eat it." 

We went Strawberry Picking with aunty Fonda one Saturday and she told him that she was going to cook for the people who doesn't have food to eat.  He replied," Are you going to Africa to cook for the people there?"

Never ever promise to give or bring him somewhere if you don't do it right away because he would remind you again and again. For example, I told Max that my friend Santi and his husband bought him dinosaur book. And he started checking and asking many times, "Mama, when will auntie and uncle come to bring the dinosaur book? How about tomorrow? Will they come, ma?"

As for my littlest one:
He is getting better and better at talking too

One day we were eating out in Indonesia. After the server gave him his food he quickly said, "Thank you!" The server didn't hear him and walked away. He quickly protested, "Hey, he forgot to say, 'You are welcome!'"

Translation: 'ngantuk' = sleepy
He didn't take nap that day and almost fell asleep during dinner but still insist he wasn't sleepy.

Most recent picture:
Left: he wasn't happy with me taking his picture
Right: I told him please give me his sweet face and he quickly change his frown into smile

That's all for now. Now off they go to another adventure to save the world

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